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Lolly Lee

Updated: Feb 8

A big congratulations for singer/songwriter, Lolly Lee, with the recent completion of her new album!

When I received the phone call asking about Lolly Lee's head shots and if I was available, I was honored that the guys over at Admiral Bean Studio in Loxley, Alabama, had kept me in mind.

I've always enjoyed being in the company of Lolly! She is not only extremely talented but also, very easy to talk to. I knew if I could get her in front of my camera that she would allow me to photograph her genuine spirit and authentic self.

To say that I had a blast working with her is an understatement! It was very much needed for my own soul!

The album titled , Lolly Lee, will be debuted on the 24th of this month and I am so excited for everyone to hear the new music. I love the deep rooted sounds of Americana meets Rockabilly.. with a lot of soul! I think everyone is really going to love it and I look forward to following her journey!

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