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Dave Crenshaw

The Birmingham Children's Theater production of Mr. Chickees Funny Money, starring musician Dave Crenshaw.

Earlier this week, I was hired on to document some behind the scene moments of the production of Mr. Chickees Funny Money with the Birmingham's Children Theater. Dave Crenshaw has been a dear friend of mine and my husband for many years now. Over the course of time, I have been honored to document his musical endeavors, so I was more than excited to take part with his debut as an actor.

I was also happy to meet the other hard working and talented cast and crew of the production. Their warm and welcoming response was felt and I loved working and surrounding myself around others who are passionate in what they do!

I do hope to have another opportunity to work with these guys again and am wishing them much success on opening day for the play this week! Best of luck guys!

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