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Adding Value to your Work

Did you know, from a collectors stand point that a signed print is more valuable than the digital print release? This is because any print that is hand signed by the artist is authenticated, where as a digital file is considered a reproduction.

This is why I have started hand signing my prints and including a Certificate of Authenticity with any of my print sales. This ensures the buyer that it is an original, my signature also states that I approve of the quality and integrity of the print.

A COA is only important for collectors of fine photography. I highly doubt a client of a family photographer prefers a hand signed print over the digital printing release. They are more than likely not collecting it as an investment but more so wanting to send out several prints to friends and family and maybe share online. Many individuals may not even have an interest in printing the files at all and only store them on the computer to use for blogging and social media needs.

I do receive a lot of frantic emails for the misplacement of their files or accidental deletion to which, it saddens me that these images will never be retrievable. So, even if you are not a collector of fine art photography, please, keep in mind that photography was initially created for print and it's value should be judged by the print rather than it's online presence.

I have uploaded a sample of a Certificate of Authenticity that I use for print sales, in hopes this helps give you an idea if you are ever considering investing in photography or if you are ever interested in me photographing you or your family as art more so than a standard family session that only includes the high resolution files. Just remember, for future reference, the real value is in the signed print, for all other unsigned prints are considered reproductions.

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