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Lexi & Trent

Updated: Jan 17

The beautiful bride-to-be and her handsome groom were so much fun. A breath of fresh air.. literally. I am very picky about who I want to have as clients just as much as the client is probably picky about who they want to hire.

These guys radiated positive vibes and their authentic and genuine love for one another helped this session feel effortless as we explored the streets of Birmingham.

Photography truly is energy, and when I feel the client's energy is sincere and genuine, it really allows me to capture these sweet, in-between moments of love and friendship.

My work isn't about creating but rather about capturing this energy. Lexi and Trent are worth getting back into the wedding scene because I feel it is these moments of the wedding world that I have missed over the years.

I do love all the glitz and glamour of a wedding celebration but what I love most about documenting a beautiful couple in love is the relationship and bond that the couple has created together and documenting their love story.

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