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Haley & Daniel

This recent session helped me realize the importance of not booking just to book.. but rather, to book a client when it feels 'right'.

So maybe it is more about connecting to your client.. being on the same creative wave-length and feeding off one another's energy and not just because I 'fit' your budget or you like my style. There needs to be more than that in order for me to create on a deeper level.

My business motto is based on small and intimate details, referrals, friendships, and connections. I want to know you.. not just photograph you.

When I spoke with Haley and Daniel a handful of months ago, I was a tad timid about booking until I spoke with them in detail. They too, were not looking for a cookie cut photographer same as I was not looking for the cookie cut client.

We wanted to do our own thing, enjoy the process, allow the photography to take a life of it's own.

They even loved the idea of me shooting some of my black and white film during our engagement session. So I was able to finish off a few frames from the rest of a roll on my vintage Nikon S2.

So, I say all this to remind myself that being a 'mainstream' shooter that just anyone can book is not my long term goal in photography but rather, I am reminded that it is more rewarding to have the right client than the money of any client.

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