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Children of the South Photo Exhibit

Jan. 2024

For the past three years, 2020-2023, I took time off from photography commissions to focus on my own personal journey with photography. During this time, I found myself consumed with my childhood hometown and the children that currently reside and live within the community. This experience has helped me realize the importance of belonging somewhere. A place to call home and find connection with others that you live among. My work soon transitioned and carried over to neighboring communities in the southern regions, as I explored the timelessness of childhood and what it means to be from and grow up in the rural, southern regions of the American South.

I have since had invitations to show and exhibit my work in several note worthy galleries. The first stop of this exhibition will be found at the Trussville Public Library for the month of January. It is a partial exhibit and will feature 11 prints from this series. If you can't or don't make it to this, I encourage you to try to come out to Gallery Vox, located in Tarrant, this March to view the full exhibition. It will then be carried over to the Homewood Public Library for the summer of 2024 for viewing and then will be reserved for 2025 with the Gadsden Museum of Art and again in Fairhope's Eastern Shore Art Center.

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