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New Work on Film

Finding inspiration through continuing to create new work !

As I look back over the past two years of shooting film, I can now see all the hard work catching up to me. I now feel that I have developed a worthy portfolio in black and white film that I, me, the artist and photographer, can be proud of.

This whole process has been a very enriching experience. It has taught me so much about the importance of having a vision, believing in your work, learning who to take advice from and who not to. It also has taught me that anything of value will not come easily and it will not come overnight.

The journey of a photographer is a lifetime commitment. Being a photographer is not for the impatient. It truly takes a lifetime of shooting, of trial and error, of discouragement and of rejection, to truly understand what photography is.

As I prepare my work for an art exhibit in just a few short weeks, I see this as the beginning of something larger than myself. I want others to see my work as something they can relate to and understand. I want them to feel inspired with their own life and I want people to appreciate reality in the simplicity of black and white film and understand the relevance of real life rather than the meta life we have all become accustomed to.

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