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Wedding Photography Confession

It's probably been over 6 years since I've agreed to do a full day of wedding coverage.. and what I discovered with my return was inspiring!

Inquiry after inquiry for the past several years for my wedding services just to always regrettably turn them away. Why? What created this dis-taste for the wedding industry?

Maybe it was because I felt in a box with all the expectations, strict traditions and emotional fatigue to where I was drained creatively and became extremely burned out. Maybe it was because I would become physically ill before I would go shoot a wedding due to high anxiety from being around a lot of people I did not know and what would be expected of my services. Maybe it was because I feared that what I saw and what the client wanted would be two completely different concepts.

I never have had a terrible client with unreasonable demands, so it wasn't this. I feel it was more the pressure of what I felt others expected from me and what I wanted while also trying to keep a sense of control with my work. I'm not getting any younger and the demands required of my emotional and physical self on any wedding day requires a lot of endurance and I just became at a place in my life where I didn't want to give that part of me to just anyone.

So, this is where I stand in the world of wedding photography. I must know you, I must feel comfortable around you.. and YOU must understand that I am not a wedding photographer. I relate to being a documentary photographer. Therefore, you will not receive a long list of photos we MUST capture but rather you will receive authentic images from your own wedding day, not the wedding day of someone else's photos Your day should be as unique as you are.. Therefore, you need to allow enough grace for it to unfold to how it was meant to be not how it is expected to be.

So, in closing.. I would love to thank the England and Cornelius families for both embracing and trusting me to do what I do and for being fun, flexible and so hospitable throughout the whole process. This was a very warm return to the wedding scene and it reminded me that I still can love wedding photography without being a wedding photographer.

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I love this post and am so excited that you agreed to get back into this world. The pix from this wedding are great and I especially love the last one in the elevator. Will never tire of seeing your amazing work and can't wait til next weekend!

Replying to

This is very special to me, that I have the opportunity to document a new chapter in your family's life! Thank you for allowing me into this space and I hope you do know that I take on work that excites and inspires me.. So the feeling is mutual!! Can't wait for next weekend! Thank you for all the love and support!

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