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Wedding Day Stories

One of the first conversations I remember with bride-to-be, Haley, was a story about how she and Daniel, the groom-to-be, met. Relationships truly are built on stories. Their love story, the stories combined among friends and family, and sharing these stories on their wedding day with their closest friends and family. Combining stories, creating new stories. Life truly is just one big story that you can look back on.

I truly never have an idea on what will be captured until I arrive and gather a sense of connection and energy among each individual's relationship. I realize it is too easy to fall into the habit of shooting the same for everyone and in some way, there are similarities throughout my work but I do know that each approach will always be different because every individual that I come across truly is unique and deserving to be documented as an individual.

Weddings are meant to be a day of gathering and celebration. I don't want to fill their day with orders, direction, dictation and timelines. Therefore I document them rather than direct them. I realize this approach isn't for everyone but for me, it's where I thrive.

It is where I take the back seat and hold on.. not knowing what will happen is the best part about a wedding day.

Because sometimes, when you let go of all the control, this is when you really get to see life naturally fall together. Which reminds me of how Haley and Daniel met. It wasn't planned but rather, it

was all on good timing.

Life is about timing.. and in a weird way, my photography is similar when it comes to following intuition, not trying to control everything and being there at the right place and time to record history in the making!

This is how you know the images are just as authentic as Daniel and Haley's love for one another and I thank them for allowing me to capture their love story.

I am thankful that these guys allowed me into their life, to be a part of this new chapter, to welcome me in and trust me to tell their story so that many years from now, this wedding day story will still be as relevant and timeless as their love for each other!

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