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The Birthday Party

Updated: May 9

I have been documenting the campgrounds over in Brookside for roughly 4 years now. It all started when covid hit back in 2020. I often walk my dogs there and over the course of time, the people who live there would recognize me.

I soon found myself inspired and motivated to start bringing my camera often when I would take my afternoon walks with the dogs. So this is how I got to know this lovely family. They were kind enough to include my sister and myself at their children's birthday party this past weekend.

Although I haven't seen the other images from the second roll of film I shot, I still felt that the first roll had a handful of images that would hopefully allow you to see the joy on Bjourn and his little sister, Raven's face.

I enjoyed celebrating with them all and learning more about them. Photography is a way I enjoy connecting to other people and I feel the invitation to their children's birthday celebration was a great honor to be included, witness and document.

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