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I was asked to document Hunter's band, Portico, this past week for a show they had at the music venue, Saturn. I loved having the opportunity to get out and shoot a new band I had never heard before. They are all super talented singer/songwriters with a great following and it was icing on the cake, when the lead guitarist, Colton and front man, Hunter hail from my hometown of the Gardendale area.

This was my first time to have them all in front of the camera, so I was very appreciative of their warm welcome and easy going personalities upon my arrival. It allowed me to do my thing while they did theirs.

I big shout out to Wendy, my friend and #1 fan of PORTICO for the commissioned work. I left feeling motivated and inspired to take on more live music performances.

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💖💖 AWWWW, you are too sweet and SUPER TALENTED !! Thank you for everything LA !

Replying to

I love documenting precious memories with friends! You're the best. Thanks so much!

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