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How to Display Your Images

Turn your home into an art gallery with your photographs in a few of these simple tips.

When I entertain guest at our home, it brings me much joy for people to walk through our home and look at my work along the walls. Photography, for me, is a story.. and all the images displayed throughout my home represent the story of my life.

You will see images from past travels, candid family moments, backstage moments before one of Gary's shows. You will see a picture of my grandmother sitting on her bed in her bedroom. In our dining area, you will see vintage images from the 1950's that my grandfather captured of my grandmother wiping my mom's nose. You will see the dogs playing on the beach and you will see the last image I captured of my great aunt the week before she passed away. You will only see one posed image of my family on the fireplace mantle.

It is all too common for people to feel that they must display their formal posed images all throughout their home. To be honest, these images look like all the other images and I feel they belong in a scrap book or on a Christmas card.

Your walls are meant for your memories and your stories so that you may remember these moments and so that others can experience them too.

A few things that help me, is I love small prints! They dress up shelves, counters, and add a nice intimate and decorative touch to the room without being domineering.


Another tip is matte and frame your work. The matte board not only helps protect your print from sticking to the glass but it also defines and creates a nice border to help your image pop out from the frame.


Simple neutral colors are always safe and do not compete with the image. Need I say that black and white tends to be my personal choice because black and white prints do not fade as much as color prints and they are less likely to look dated. Black and white images are timeless for a reason.

Yes, I agree that it is important to remember how our loved ones look but it is just as important to remember the moments and stories that make up our life. Don't leave one or the other out.

Practice moderation and start creating a space in your home where you can enjoy remembering the life you and your loved ones have built over the years and will continue to build for years to come.

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