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Graham Harper & The Damaged

Live music coverage is full of creative energy and inspiration that I appreciate Graham having me involved with his promo shots this past weekend.

I started documenting the live music scene roughly 13 years ago when Gary, my husband, and I first started dating. Although documentary photography was nothing new for me, the live music scene was.

Since then, I find that the live music scene has quickly become one of my favorite things to shoot. The stage lights, the energy of the performance, the crowd.. I love everything about it but the hours. I truly feel, if I wasn't such a morning person, I would agree to shoot more live music for clients.

Graham is an exception to the rule. He has become a close friend of my husband over the past handful of years. We have always talked in passing about him wanting to hire me to come out to document one of his shows, so when the opportunity arose, I made sure to make it happen.

The band sounded great and Graham's originals hit home that the time honestly passed by quickly. I didn't realize it was way past my bedtime.

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