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Behind the Scenes

Updated: Jan 31

The popular Johnny Cash tribute band, CASHBACK, had some promotional shots made earlier this week with commercial photographer, Mark of Image Hive. I enjoyed documenting behind the scenes.

Over the years, many of the bands my husband, Gary, has played in have become our band fam. So, being involved with their music is important when I am able.

My favorite part about the music scene is actually what goes on behind the scenes. There is so much involved more than just live performance. There are rehearsals, travel time, load in, set up, and of course, the promotional side.. such as this photo session they arranged with photographer, Mark Bondarenko of Image Hive.

The band has several on the road shows lined up this coming spring, so they are doing some preparations beforehand. I am hoping to be able to attend some of these out of town performances, as I know my schedule and Gary's schedule conflicts a lot of the time.

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